Thursday, May 10, 2012

About this blog

Hi, this blog is a place where I like to share my knowledge, experiences; and a platform for collaboration with other system developers around the world.My focus is on automated trading strategies; based on quantitative methods. I trade all types of strategies; momentum, mean reversion, range bounds, and chart patterns.

I invite you to share your ideas and pose questions related to trading.

I can be reached at liquidalpha9 [at] gmail . com


  1. Hi. How did you get a career in Algo trading?
    What self-taught skills required to break into this career?

  2. hi Anon,

    Obvious skills required for algo quant trading:
    - Trading skills (profitable strategies, money management, psychology)
    - Programming skills
    - Basic to Advance Math (depends what strategies you use)
    - Statistics

    A good start will be reading Ernie Chan, Quantitative Trading Strategies. His blog is listedd in my blog roll. If you are willing to spend some $$ on training; Ernie offer some courses in this area.

    The journey is progressive. Learn block by block and implement as you go. That is a better approach than learning all in one go.